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 About CleverSense Medical  

CleverSense Medical Ltd. specializes in revolutionary cutting edge technology solutions for Orthopedic Drilling procedures. Our unique products enable fast and easy, yet, safe bone drilling operations.

CleverSense Medical Ltd. developed and patented a new surgical drilling system technology. The OrthoClever® is trademarked and IP protected with international patents granted and pending

The OrthoClever®

CleverSense Medical Ltd. developed and produced the first commercial Bone Drilling surgeon help system.

By using the state of the art Bio-Medical sensor, attached to the patient, bone drilling become much safer, simpler and smarter. 



The OrthoClever® Product is a revolutionary new surgical drilling technology delivering superior results in orthopedics surgery.

The OrthoClever® Product is a new surgical system offering enhanced outcomes for orthopedic surgeons and their patients. The new revolutionary design provides surgeons with superior control, accuracy and performance. This results in reduced damage, heat and trauma to the tissues and leads to faster operations, more first-time results and an overall improvement in post-surgery healing.

The OrthoClever® patented design allows accurate and safe bone drilling, preventing inaccurate drilling of bone and soft tissue damage (e.g. Nerves, blood vassels, muscles).

The OrthoClever® unique patented design lets surgeons drill the bone safely to the point of contact to keep the drill on target.

The OrthoClever® allows accurate alignment of holes and easy placement of implants.

The OrthoClever® gives surgeons superior control during the drilling process and minimizes damage to the bone and other soft tissues

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