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Preventing Orthpedic drilling hazards


Advanced Technology


Our R&D center features top-of-the-line designers, highly skilled and empowered technicians and processes that are based on decades of medical background and surgery experience. Our comprehensive approach adds high value to our unique products

World class specialists


CleverSense Medical Ltd. has perfected the art medical device development; in fact we have it down to science. By combining years of design experience, medical background and knowhow, research and development, experience with our proven in- house abilities and processes, we provide superior drilling solutions to our customers. CleverSense Medical Ltd. has dedicated R&D group as well as research facilities.



Save on all Aspects


A novel hand-held drilling device devoted to orthopedic surgery drilling is offered to the orthopedic surgery market. By adding sensing and control capabilities to existing tools, in order to obtain controlled penetration in the patient's body and automatic differentiation among layers of bones and other tissues, due to the particular environment in which the tool is to work.

A human friendly and safety impose a careful design of the human-machine interface.


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